As a fundraiser, I feel sure you are always looking for new and enjoyable ways of increasing those very important school funds. Have you ever considered roller skating?


It takes a considerable amount of organisation to take a coach full of small very excited children to the roller rink and at the end of the day getting them all back home. Well now RollerMix can bring the rink to your own school hall!


RollerMix mobile roller skating has been operating in schools for the last 20 years, it comes with a false floor to skate upon, thus protecting your own floor. Skates and disco equipment are provided with all the up to date music the children love to hear, along with members of staff to run and organise the event for you.


RollerMix works on a percentage of ticket sales unless specified, therefore is eliminating the worry of a heavy bill to pay at the end of the event. The more tickets you sell the more profit you make.



Arival - 2.00PM
Session Starts - 3:30 pm
Session finish - 7:30pm
Departure - 8:30pm


Bank Holidays/School Holidays
Arrival - 10:30am
Session Start - 12:00pm
Session Finish - 5:00pm/6:00pm
Departure - 6:00pm/7:00pm

Frequently asked questions



Is a highly mobile and exciting pastime and for this reason the layout and operation of the event has to be carefully considered. The following explanation and rules have been compiled to assist in the safe and successful running of the event.


In this area and other areas we decide if it is safe for people to wear skates, the floor is covered by interlocking tiles which protect the floor and provide a smooth and safe skating surface. Participants are not allowed to wear skates in any other areas, if they arrive wearing skates the skates should be removed until the start of the next session when they can then enter the skating arena.


Skaters get hungry and thirsty while skating and provision of refreshments provide a welcome break and is also a useful source of revenue. In order to allow refreshments to be consumed, a part of the skating area is normally designated for refreshments where the skaters can buy and consume them without removing their skates, this is optional.


All hire skates are housed in cabinets which form a skate bar to facilitate the handing out of skates and must be sited as close to the skating area as possible to allow good control of the event by our staff. The skaters must hand in shoes and tickets in exchange for a pair of skates.


Full disco with lights provided and operated by ourselves.


No one is allowed to enter the toilets whilst wearing skates for safety reasons.


This is a very hard wearing plastic surface made up of 2FT square interlocking tiles which are easily laid on a flat surface, thus giving full protection to the existing floor. This is for indoor use only.


People are allowed to wear their own skates
to their own conditions but must be checked
by our staff regarding safety.


Shortly after the skating has started, the music is stopped and the rules of the rink explained. These are simply as follows:

  • One way round as designated by the DJ.
  • No food or drink to be bought onto the rink.
  • All skates are to be removed before leaving the skating area.
  • No pushing, tripping or unruly behaviour.


Our priority at all times is the safety of the participants and protection of property. To this end, whilst welcome discussion regarding the layout and running of the event and any suggestions are considered we request that staff are given the final say as they have considerable experience in the running of these events. We are able to refuse admission to anyone we believe may be a danger to themselves or others.


At the end of every session the music is stopped and the rink is cleared. All people wearing hired skates are asked to remove them, unless they have a ticket for the next session, in which case they are asked to sit down and wait until the next session starts and their tickets have been collected. People wearing their own skates are requested to leave unless they also have another ticket and the same rules apply as for hired skates. Our sessions are hourly in general but are changeable, dependent on the size of venue. Once all the hired skates are handed back and further tickets are collected those on the next session are allowed in. Whilst the following session skaters are waiting they should be made to queue in a designated area away from the skating area.

Fundraiser Guarantee

RollerMix has worked with many primary schools and clubs over the years raising thousands of pounds worth of funds and has fantastic reviews, we strive to give every skater an amazing experience while raising those very important funds as we go. So why not be a part of it? All we ask of you is some help in setting/packing up, laying the floor etc, and to sell as many tickets prior to your date as possible.

The following details apply to infant and junior schools as a recreational fundraiser facility.



Ticket prices range from £5 - £10 per hourly session, at the schools discretion, keeping all the tickets the same price, child, or adult, which includes skate hire. Our charges are 70% of all ticket sales, schools retain 30% towards their funds.


If you aim to achieve 100 skaters and over it will make a profitable fundraiser event. Your attendance figures will effect the price structure of future bookings, any schools who do not achieve the 100 skaters, or smaller schools with fewer pupils will instead be charged a fixed fee for the event.


These range from a child’s size 9 to an adult size 12. Skaters can use their own skates but the charges remain the same. (Plus trainer skates 5 to 11)


Fundraiser fixed fee price from £390.


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